Mighty Quest Chicken Killing Chart

Last week, Ubisoft revealed that the beta for Mighty Quest For Epic Loot would be open for everyone beginning July 30th and heading through August 6th. To celebrate the open house event, the developer issued a challenge for its players: Kill ten million chickens and the fowl poultry will become available to use in the defense of one’s castle. With the event ending today (August 6th), Ubisoft has unveiled that players have killed a combined total of over twenty four million chickens, more than double what was needed.

You can head to this link to view the top chicken killers for each day.


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2 Responses to “Mighty Quest Chicken Killing Chart”

  1. I clearly missed something, because I don’t get it.

    • Connor Wack says:

      There was supposed to be text with that article. Sorry! Ubisoft had an open beta period and challenged players to kill as many chickens as possible. This is the result.

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