Missing Worlds Media Kickstarter Coming September 8th


City of Heroes is one of those games that the phrase “nothing like it on the market” was designed for. When NCSoft closed down Paragon Studios and shut down City of Heroes, its community was left with essentially two choices of super hero MMOs: Champions Online and DC Universe. While Champions Online has a pretty robust character creator reminiscent of City of Heroes, the two games play differently enough to advertise to separate bases. DC Universe, on the other hand, is first and foremost an action beat-em-up and neither game (naturally) deals with the Champions IP.

One of the spiritual sequels to City of Heroes, known as The Phoenix Project and in development by Missing Worlds Media, is currently about one quarter to one third complete, according to the developers. The game is being developed mainly by volunteers with day jobs and students, a product of love and nostalgia for a time that existed not all that long ago. According to a post on Polygon, Missing Worlds Media even managed to get Epic to license the Unreal engine for free on the grounds that they would be paid at a later date once the money started coming in.

So what brings The Phoenix Project to our headlines once again? As I mentioned in a previous article, Missing Worlds Media is launching a Kickstarter to fund The Phoenix Project, and we now have a date: September 8th. Assuming that the game is properly funded, we can expect to see its release sometime in late 2015. How much will Missing Worlds Media be asking for? This is a comic book story, you’re going to have to wait until at least Issue #5 to find that out.

(Source: Polygon)

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