MMOments: Grabbing Free Costumes in Marvel Heroes Omega

I’ve been rolling through the latest event in Marvel Heroes on PC and Playstation 4, of which the latter is woefully outpaced by the amount of time and money I’ve placed in the former. While Marvel Heroes Omega on Playstation is by all means an inferior product at the moment, I have to hand it to Gazillion for having a better idea from the start as to how they want to take their product. Marvel Heroes on PC was a mess at launch, in fact it was a mess when I played it at New York Comic Con back in 2012, just a well disguised mess. It’s come a long way, but as I’ve said in previous articles there are things that the community has come to take for granted that aren’t exactly how Gazillion wants the game to go, but can’t remove because it would kill the community and likely the game itself.

One clear advantage, in this humble author’s opinion, that the console version has over PC is that it seems to be making up for the lack of fast experience by giving away loot boxes. Rather than through shared quests, console players receive daily missions that, upon completion, reward a Defenders loot box. The box is the same as the paid one, and it has a chance of containing costumes. Gazillion may not be handing out experience like it’s candy on the console version, but PC players aren’t getting their hands on new costumes at no charge.

In fact, I was able to get my hands on the Elektra Maskless costume just today (seen above). The boxes also hand out marvelous essence, the currency to buy general costumes from the store and eternity splinters to more quickly collect heroes. The quest itself is a pretty simple diversion, defeat 200 Hand members and a number of elites, you can complete it in one run of the Hand tower in Chapter 3 story mode.

Otherwise I can’t talk much about the gear other than to say that it is not the best in show, and therefore as an efficiency minded ARPG player, it is completely useless to me and not worth grinding the Hand currency to buy. If you’re on PC, the ongoing events are worth it if you’re looking to level up the related characters or get Spider Man to cosmic prestige to get ready for his Omega Prestige (coming soon). For those on console, it’s nice to be able to get your hands on something that Gazillion is normally pretty stingy with: Free lockboxes and free costumes.

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