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Marvel Heroes is in the fourth week of its second anniversary, and that means if you haven’t already started working on the related achievements, you’re probably too late. If you haven’t been tuning into the ARPG these past few weeks, you missed out on a lot of free stuff. A random hero, Angel team up, Iron Man team up, Groot pet, cow portal drops, and more.

There are five achievements to obtain and they are pretty self-explanatory even if they require a fair amount of grind in order to obtain. One thing to keep in mind is that the achievement tracking system right now is hot garbage. It won’t properly update its numbers unless you literally have the window open while you progress. Your count is still being kept, but don’t be scared if you find forty-odd cake slices and check the window to find that it still shows your old number.

You need to log out and back in for the tracker to update itself.

1. Marvel Heroes’ 2nd Anniversary

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The goal here is to obtain all of the other four anniversary achievements. Self-explanatory.

2. Collection Cakewalk

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Not so much of a cakewalk. The goal here is to find 365 2-year anniversary cake slices. Cake slices drop at a much faster rate than eternity splinters do, I counted around four to five drops of cake slices for every eternity splinter, but my findings aren’t scientific and shouldn’t be used as a measuring tool. With a drop about every two minutes, this is going to be a long haul.

Assume about six hours of game time, assuming there isn’t a farming method.

The good side is that you won’t have to interrupt your regularly scheduled grinding in order to churn out these cake slices, they drop during virtually all combat situations (that I’m aware of). Personally, I’ve been leveling up Cyclops while grinding cube shards, and managed to grind out pretty much all of the slices in six and a half to seven hours.

This is the longest achievement in the anniversary event to obtain, so my advice is to not focus on it. Look at what else you need, and grind for that. The cake slices will come and, before you know it, you’ll have enough.

3. The Cake Is Not A Lie

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Easiest achievement to get, you should already have a year 2 cake.

4. Defeat Mandarin with the Iron Man Mark II Team-Up

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Also straightforward, but timely. You’ll need to obtain the correct team-up character and take him through the Hydra Island terminal. Defeat Mandarin with him active and you’ve got it made.

5. I Want You Back

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Defeat 2,015 enemies with the Potted Groot Pet. This one will be difficult if you didn’t pick up the Potted Groot Pet while it was available. And by difficult, I mean impossible. This one is easy, since the Groot plant can’t be attacked and won’t be phased out during combat.

As hard (or as easy) as it is to believe, you’ll beat the 2,015 enemies with Groot long before you find the 365 cake slices.

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