MMOments: Meg’s Cases In May [RuneScape]

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This is going to be a short piece. RuneScape is getting into May and that means another month-long update. Meg is an NPC normally found in player owned ports, she asks the player questions and disappears for a while to show back up with a reward based on how well the player answered her previous questions. This month Meg is sending the player on various short mini-quests, real simple stuff that only takes a few minutes each day and rewards a small lamp containing experience.

The update, naturally, is a precursor to a future update. Jagex has been teasing the eastern lands, a completely new continent, for well over a decade now. I’m speaking literally, the Eastern Lands are an archipelago first hinted at back around 2005, probably earlier. So Mega May is a daily quest that tasks players with figuring out mysteries. Right now all we know is that there is a ten part “The Eastern Mystery” series, a six part “Robber from the Darkness” series, and a ton of seemingly unrelated quests. The finale, currently unknown, says that you’ll have to visit Meg in the ports to find out why there is no description. Player owned ports are where the player first sends ships to the eastern lands to open trade.

The mini-quest series runs until mid-June, which I’m assuming is going to be the big unveiling of the Eastern Lands update or some big hint of it coming at some future points. It isn’t a well kept secret, but one of Jagex’s shticks has always been the secret that everyone knows about.

In other RuneScape news, the start of the month means it is time to check your giant oysters.

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