MMOrning Shots: Here Sheepy

dp_x64 2013-09-27 00-20-48-22

I’m in the middle of taking a look at Dragon’s Prophet, and I want to impart a lesson upon Runewaker: First impressions are everything, and that means making sure your opening quests actually work. There is a particularly annoying quest at level five where you have to let this woman spray you with a vanilla mist in order to entice the sheep into following you back to the pen. Problem: Only one of the sheep actually works. The others just ignore you no matter how much you run around them, there is no button to press that will force them to follow you, and you only have 60 seconds until the spray runs out and you have to go back and get another. So what should have been an easy quest turned into fifteen minutes of finding the one sheep that would respond, bringing it back to the pen, waiting for it to respawn, getting sprayed, and repeating.

On the plus side, I won’t need sleeping pills when I go to bed tonight, since I’ve been counting sheep.

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