[Mobility] Knights Chronicle Offers New Awakening, New Heroes

Netmarble Corp has announced a new awakening and additional heroes being added into mobile MMO Knights Chronicle in the latest update. Support hero Karen will be able to awaken, receiving a number of passive skills. Karen’s pre-awakening character buffs water/light allies HP recovery while also granting 10% healing over time to the lowest HP ally. No word on stat advantages when dealing with retail store managers.

In addition to Karen, new heroes Eurora and Baskerville have also entered the game along with the following two updates:

  • Auto Repeat – Players can now set the number of rounds when auto-repeating cleared stages
  • Guild Shop – New changes have been added, granting players access to the SSR Hero Ticket

More information on Knights Chronicle can be found at the official website.

Source: Netmarble Press Release

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