Mobility: Lineage II Revolution Update Adds New Race

Lineage II Revolution, the popular spinoff of the equally popular MMO, revealed its latest update today. The update includes the brand new Kamael class which starts on the Soul Island territory and has access to three classes; Warrior/Rogue/Mystic, along with exclusive weapons for the class. This update also introduces a new dual class system allowing players to do just that, and experience a second class on the same character.

Other features included in the update are:

  •  New Server Addition – The Gunter and Lancer servers will be added to Lineage 2: Revolution in the western region starting from August 29 (specific time will be notified to players via the official game forum). Players who make new characters on these servers will receive Adena, Red Diamond, and three types of daily benefits for seven days.
  • Level-up has become 3x faster for players, with easier gameplay routes.
  • In Game Events – Celebrate the launch of the Kamael race with these fun-filled events, including:
  • o   Kamael Welcome Race – Pan’s A-Maze-ing Event is back to commemorate the arrival of the Kamael race.
  • o   Dual Class Check-In Event – Log-in into Lineage 2: Revolution for 14 days to receive rewards, including a Scooter Mount.
  • o   [New Server Only] Discount Event – Equipment Level-up and Upgrade costs are discounted for players on new servers.
  • o   [New Server Only] Lucky Box Event – Test your luck after getting some Lucky Tickets’ for a chance to receive the 1st place prize.

For more information on Lineage II Revolution, check out the official website.

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