Neverwinter Details Further Leveling Changes


Scott Shicoff, lead designer on Neverwinter, has posted a set of patch notes on the official website detailing further changes to the MMO’s leveling curve. The new level cap of 70 has seen intense scrutiny since its launch earlier this year alongside Elemental Evil, with players complaints ranging from the length of time required to level to the heavy difficulty of the new higher level mobs. Following launch, Perfect World has promised to go back and fix issues related to progression and difficulty.

Hey folks, I’ve got an update on some changes we’re making to Neverwinter, specifically regarding leveling from 60 to 70. Before I get started, I’d like to thank you all again for your patience as I investigated and reviewed the state of the game since the release of Elemental Evil. We went through a massive amount of feedback and analysis before making a decision.

Most of the updates in the latest patch are focused on reducing health buffs on NPCs above level 60, along with a buff to experience from quests in the Elemental Evil zones that should result in a “noticeably faster” progression from 60 to 70. It isn’t the last of the updates to fix the community’s grievances with Elemental Evil, so expect more patches in the coming weeks/months. For now however players should notice themselves being killed by mobs in a single shot, far less.

Other ongoing complaints from the forums include bringing back disabled dungeons.

(Source: Neverwinter)

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