[NM] 10 Must Have Mods For Fallout New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas was released in 2010 as the fourth game in the Fallout series and has been wildly popular ever since. Sure, there were a few bugs and glitches, but gamers and game reviewers have praised this title from the outset, helping it sell more than 12 million copies around the world.

Now, almost seven years after it’s release, Fallout: New Vegas remains infinitely playable, and most of those bugs and glitches can be fixed thanks to a massive number of aftermarket modifications one can make to the game. There’s far too many for a complete list right here, but with that in mind, we present ten of the best Fallout: New Vegas mods, in no particular order.

  1. Nevada Skies

The Mojave desert is a pretty bleak place in the year 2281, and the weather doesn’t change much. Those looking for a little more variety, meteorologically speaking, will certainly find it with the Nevada Skies weather mod.

The mod adds things like clouds, rain, snow, rainstorms and even sandstorms, ice storms, toxic storms and fire storms to the game, creating a much more diverse environment that also includes changing sunrises, sunsets and basic weather patterns. In fact, Nevada Skies adds 320 different weather variants to the game that simply make it more realistic from an environmental perspective.

  1. NVAC

Games crash. It seems inevitable with a game the size of Fallout: New Vegas. So if you’re not doing everything you can to avoid these dreadful situations, you’re not doing it right.

NVAC, or New Vegas Anti Crash, is a plugin mod that promises to greatly reduce the number of times you crash playing Fallout: New Vegas. It won’t completely eliminate the possibility of a crash, but it should help. Never mind how it works, just know that it’s working all the time. This may not be the kind of mod you notice while you’re playing the game all day, but at the end of the day, when you look back and realize the game didn’t crash throughout the entire session, you’ll be thankful it was there.

  1. MCM

MCM is the Mod Configuration Menu. If you’re going to install mods from this list, or any other, the Mod Configuration Menu can help you organize them all by adding a “Mod Configuration” button to the Pause menu.

Here you’ll find a list of all of your mods and a place where you’ll be able to configure them. The menu is about as user-friendly as they come, the only trick is the mod itself has to be using MCM to be accessed through the menu. That said, your other mods will still work, they just might not be as neatly organized and readily accessible.

  1. EVE

EVE, or Energy Visuals Enhanced, was a hugely popular mod for Fallout 3 and has released an updated version for Fallout: New Vegas.

It offers gamers a huge variety of improved visuals for the game, including kill scenes, character reactions, new explosions and weapon impacts. It’s the same Fallout: New Vegas game with this mod, it’s just better to look at.

  1. Weapons of the New Millenia

Millenia has developed and released dozens of new weapons for Fallout: New Vegas and this mod gives you access all of them in one single package.

All the gear was designed to be used in other mods with compatibility a major focus during development. There’s 62 new weapons in total, ranging in everything from the AK-47 to the IMI Desert Eagle, and you can set it so you can grab them all for free or make Courier 6 work to get at this new arsenal.

  1. Higher Stakes Gambling

It may be New Vegas, but it’s still Vegas. If you haven’t figured it out by now, you can gamble inside the game’s casinos. You can buy a small amount of chips and play blackjack, slots, or roulette with a 200-chip maximum bet, but that can get old fast.

There are a few mods out there that have a similar effect, but godsped’s Higher Stakes Gambling will help up the ante and make the casino games more fun and possibly profitable. The mod increases the maximum bet size to 5000 on roulette and blackjack and 1000 on the slots. Maximum winnings and buy-in caps are also bigger and there is a second version of the mod where the stakes are increased even further and the comps get even better.

If you’re going to try to spin up your bankroll, especially at these stakes, it’s good idea to find out exactly how to play the different games first. This casino game play guide should help.

  1. MTUI for Fallout: New Vegas

MTUI for Fallout: New Vegas simply makes text screens more readable.

The mod includes a number of adjustments that include smaller fonts, improved conversation menus, and larger item selection areas. They’re all designed for monitors with resolutions of 1024×768 and higher. Your eyes will thank you later.

  1. Realistic Headshots

Headshots are half the fun on most First-Person-RPG games and Fallout: New Vegas is no different. If only there were a mod to make headshots to about 20 times the damage they regularly do on all but a select few number of characters in the game. Guess what? There is.

  1. Centered 3rd Person Camera

Fallout: New Vegas’ 3rd Person camera is an over-the-shoulder shot of Courier 6, but this Centered 3rd Person Camera mod puts it back into the center of the action. It makes it all a bit easier to follow, screenshot, and zoom out to see everything around you.

  1. Monster Mod

Fallout: New Vegas is never boring, but the limited number of different creatures you fight everyday might become that way.

This Monster Mod adds a number of new creatures and modifies existing ones to give gamers a lot more variety. The hundreds of new monster variations include a two-headed axe-wielding zombie mutant, which seems to fit in perfectly in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout: New Vegas.

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