[NM] Bethesda Introduces More Non-Cosmetic Cash Shop Items

It’s a new day, and that means another opportunity for Bethesda to remind us that the company can’t be trusted. The latest update that hit live servers just yesterday (July 16) introduces a new item to the Fallout 76 cash shop: Scrap kits.

Yes, scrap kits. Another instance of Bethesda selling items for real money in order to fix an inconvenience that they purposely added into the game in order to set up the player base to later spend real money. As the official website states:

“Scrap Kits are new one-time use items that you can use to scrap all the junk you’re currently carrying and immediately deliver the resulting components to your Stash. They can be used anytime, anywhere, without needing to visit a workbench or your Stash. You can unlock Scrap Kits in the Atomic Shop using the Atoms you’ve purchased or those you’ve earned by completing in-game Challenges. Upon purchasing Scrap Kits, you will be able to select which of your characters you’d like to receive them. Any Kits you own will appear under the Misc. tab in your Pip-Boy and can be activated there. Upon using a Scrap Kit, it will be consumed.”

And just to remind everyone, I have included a link to the Gamestop article where Pete Hines states that the Fallout atomic shop would be cosmetic stuff.

“All the content we ever put out for Fallout 76–all the DLC, all the post-launch stuff–is going to be free. That’s important. And to say, the Atomic shop is cosmetic stuff. To make sure folks understand–look there’s a line. There are people who have crossed it, but we’re going to stay on the right side of it in terms of the things you can spend money on and how this stuff works and what you’re getting for your $60,” Hines said. “That you know, when they put out new content or features or whatever, I’m getting that stuff for free. That feels right.”

The update comes alongside the addition of a greenhouse building that players can purchase and plop down, one that does not actually allow you to grow plants inside of it.

More Fallout coverage as it appears.

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