[NM] Deep Silver Disables Stolen Steam Keys

Metro: Exodus publisher Deep Silver released a statement earlier this week that they will be disabling Steam keys that were flagged as stolen and resold by an unauthorized reseller. The keys were allegedly taken from the factory where the physical keys were printed.

These keys have been obtained illegally from the factory where physical key printing had taken place prior to the announcement of exclusivity with Epic Games, due to the criminal nature of these keys, all unlicensed keys have been deactivated and activation / download of Metro Exodus without the executable file is no longer possible. In addition, the software will be removed from the Steam library of any players using an unauthorised code. The keys being sold on this platform are stolen goods, and are therefore illegal.

The announcement notes that the only authorized key sellers were Humble Store and Razer. Those affected are recommended to contact the seller for a refund, or possibly the cardholder to reverse the transaction.

Source: Steam

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