[NM] Entertainment Software Association Leaks Spreadsheet of Journalist Personal Data

Today’s news comes to us from the world of high negligence. The Entertainment Software Association is currently making its way back up poop creek without a paddle as the news broke just a few days ago that a list of over two thousand content creators and journalists had been leaked via the ESA’s website. According to Youtube creator Sophia Narwitz, who broke the story, the list has been up for some time and contains the names of those invited to E3 2019.

MMO Fallout was able to get its hands on a copy of the list and confirmed that it contains names, titles, email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers of various journalists and Youtube content creators. While many of the journalist information is pointing to business/office addresses, a large portion of the list clearly includes home addresses down to the apartment number, and private phone numbers.

Presumably most of those on the list are aware that their information is now public on the internet, or will be shortly.

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