[NM] Ham Radio Deluxe Bricks Consumer’s Software, Co-Founder Blames Diabetes

There’s a shiny nickel in it for whoever looked at that headline and immediately understood it.

HRD Software, who develop software for ham radio, is being hung out to dry after a customer complained about his software’s incompatibility with certain versions of Windows. One user, Jim Giercyk, called up customer support to complain that his product completely stopped working after a recent update. As it turns out, Giercyk left a bad review for the company not long before, and rather than handling Giercyk’s complaints like a professional would, that HRD Software decided to remotely disable his product and revoke his key.

Now, if you aren’t aware, it is illegal in the United States to punish a customer for bad reviews, as per the Consumer Review Fairness Act passed into law by President Obama on December 16. As it turns out, HRD Software had a full blacklist of customers who had posted bad reviews and thus had their copies banned in retaliation, with co-founder Rick Ruhl even leaving an angry voicemail and threatening legal action against one such user. Ruhl blamed his diabetes for the way he acted.

“I apologize publicly … I do have diabetes and sometimes this affects my judgement and it did in that voicemail. I truly regret it. I’m talking to my doctor about changing my medications so I won’t have any more low sugar.”

Ruhl has been removed from his position in the company and will move on to other opportunities.

(Source: The Independent)

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