[NM] Lawbreakers Population Before Free Weekend Is Fitting

Lawbreakers is currently 50% off in preparation for a free weekend which starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday, and while the sale is a nice jump on the pre-holiday mass discounts, the need for a free weekend can not be better shown than through the screenshot above. While bringing up the announcement, we seem to have hit the page at just the right time, either through statistical anomaly (servers down) or sheer luck, Lawbreakers was at 0 players. That was last night, this morning the game isn’t doing much better with a whole 14 people worldwide breaking the law.

Boss Key Studios has referred to its strategy as a marathon, not a sprint, but with the game failing to both attract new players and retain its existing customer base, it looks more like Lawbreakers is jogging in place as the competition leaves it in the dust. As a multiplayer-only game, Lawbreakers’ population issues are almost self-defeating, as people are reluctant to buy a game with a low population, thus causing more population issues. What Lawbreakers needs is a big push in players who keep coming back, say spurred by a free weekend.

(Source: Steam Charts)

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