[NM] Stellaris, Racism, And The Mod Community


The latest internet controversy, as numerous as those are, surrounds Paradox and the recent removal and reinstatement of a mod to the Steam Workshop called “European Phenotypes and Names Only.” The mod is pretty simple, it allows the user to play as a race of only European (white) characters. There are additional mods on the Steam Workshop that split the phenotypes into separate races that were not removed.

So why was the mod removed? Paradox has issued a statement that the mod was not removed for the content itself, but due to a combination of the description, the mod creator, and the community being fostered in the comments section. The mod creator has been accused of being a white nationalist and using the mod to push a political agenda.

Originally, the mod was tagged with the line “no multiculturalism here,” cited as being part of why the mod was removed.

The mod creator, who goes by the name Lord Xel, hosts a Youtube channel called Progeny of Europe. The page hosts a number of videos on topics including “an argument for the continued existence of Europeans,” complains numerous times about “blacks and leftists,” with the creator making comments like:

“you have this unholy union of dissatisfied black people who are angry and rampaging and rioting, and you have these weak, pathetic lefitsts who come out and support them and they sit there with their gay little signs saying ‘oh Trump is Hitler, Trump is racist. Well right next to them is a black person who wants to shut someone down because they’re white.”

The mod page, upon its return, has seen a number of racist posts attacking Paradox, “blacks,” and Swedes, with all of them being deleted so as to not incur the same punishment that befell the mod the last time around. Despite the creator’s determination, one or two have fallen through the cracks.


As of this publishing, the mod has returned under the agreement that the creator does not link to his Youtube channel. There are other mods that perform a similar function that were not punished by Paradox.

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