[NM] Telltale Batman Game Shows Very Real Dead Russian Ambassador [Warning]

(Update: Telltale has stated that the image has been removed and that they are looking into how it ended up in the game to begin with)

(Editor’s Note: In probably the first and hopefully last time on this website, this article contains a photograph of the aftermath of a shooting. There is no blood/gore present in the photo, but this warning will stand nonetheless)

In 2016, Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov was gunned down at an Ankara art gallery by Mevlüt Mert Alt?nta?, an off-duty Turkish police officer. News of the assassination spread like wildfire, and because it occurred during a public speech, there were plenty of cameras present to catch the assassination in action. Photographs taken and posted online have become famous, enough so that one Telltale employee decided to import the image of Andrei Karlov’s body directly into the game. The two versions are copies below, along with a stream (skip to about 24 minutes into the video), you can see that the body was directly copied into the game, rather than a character having been modeled in-engine that simply looks similar.

Another body is pictured in the photo, we cannot ascertain his identity as of press time. It should be noted for the squeamish that Andrei Karlov died later at the hospital, the photo below does not technically depict a dead man at the time it was taken. The image appears in Telltale’s Batman Season 2, Episode 2.

The photo comparison is below.

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