No Man’s Sky: The Game That Broke Refund Policies


The list of unfulfilled promises for No Man’s Sky is at least a mile long, and you can read it for yourself, but those looking to escalate the situation to a full refund may have found an ally: Valve themselves. While Sony and Microsoft have proven unwilling to refund digital purchases even in cases of fraud, the refund policy at Valve is simple: Two hours of gameplay or two weeks after purchase, whichever comes first. In rare cases, where a game is either broken or misleadingly advertised, they make an exception.

Such is the case with No Man’s Sky, where players are reporting that not only is Valve processing refunds, but so is Sony on the Playstation 4. Various Reddit threads are filling up with players revealing that Valve, Sony, and Amazon are all processing refunds for No Man’s Sky digital and physical purchases (in the case of Amazon).

In the two weeks since its launch on PC, No Man’s Sky has plummeted in peak players from over two hundred thousand to under twenty thousand.


In the case of Steam, users are recommending submitting multiple refund requests if the first one or two are rejected, and that users should cite false advertising as their reason for requesting a refund. Amazon and Good Old Games have been quite lenient according to reports with Amazon’s live chat being more than helpful in processing refunds. For Playstation, one user recommended using the following in your refund request:

“The game lacks many features that were advertised and I’ve experienced multiple crashes.”

According to a few reports via Reddit, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the only store giving a hard time for refunds is the No Man’s Sky official website. Users on Neogaf are also compiling a list of successful refund stories.

In the two weeks since its launch, No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has faced intense backlash over allegations that the company misled customers into purchasing the game, heavily advertising features just months before launch that were either released incomplete or removed from the game altogether.

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