[Not Massive] Alan Wake Returns To Steam, On Sale 80% Off

Back in May 2017, we reported that Alan Wake would be permanently leaving Steam following a license dispute with Remedy Entertainment. As it turns out, the game had a few pieces of music that were expiring and Remedy was either unable or unwilling to pay up to have said license renewed. The game was put on sale at 90% off and has remained off the store ever since.

Until today, when the title unexpectedly returned. There hasn’t been an official news statement posted, however Remedy Entertainment commented on Twitter to thank Microsoft for renegotiating the rights to the licensed music, allowing the game to return to store shelves.

Big thanks to our partner and Alan Wake’s publishers who were able to renegotiate the rights to the licensed music in Alan Wake, so that the game can be sold again.

If you for some reason did not pick up Alan Wake during its initial 90% off farewell sale, you can get it now for 80% off, or $3 USD (Your local prices may vary). You can also find it on Good Old Games at an 80% discount. Spinoff Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is also 80% off if you’re into that sort of thing. Peter Calloway is directing an Alan Wake TV show.

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