Not Massive: Cliff Bleszinski Joins Fig


Cliff Bleszinski, developer known for Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, is the latest big name to join crowdfunding platform Fig. Bleszinski joins Tim Schafer and Brian Fargo in heading up the platform that hopes to differentiate itself from the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo by offering backers the chance to actually invest in projects and receive money back if the game proves to be a success.

Despite its small library, Fig has seen the successful funding of numerous titles including Schafer’s own Psychonauts 2, Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob game, and Outer Wild. The platform was also host to the well-publicized failure of Rock Band to secure a PC port, pulling in just $792 thousand out of the $1.5 million it had asked for.

Fig hopes that its hands-on curation will create an environment that is welcoming to backers around the $20 mark who simply want a fun game all the way up to four-figure investors who want to see a return on their money. Fig’s current focus is on Consortium: The Tower, currently exceeding its funding goal.

(Source: Forbes)

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