[Not Massive] Gaijin Throws Taiwan Under Bus For Chinese Gov’t

A game developer doing something scummy to appease an oppressive dictatorship? Must be a day ending in WHY.

In the world of developers doing stupid things, if you push past the western AAA industry of Electronic Arts and Valve and make your way toward the back of the room, you might spot Gaijin Entertainment.

Back in 2015, Gaijin’s producer Pavel Kulikov got caught pulling an extortion scheme against a Youtuber, threatening the guy’s livelihood in return for positive coverage of the game. Kulikov was fired and Gaijin denied any knowledge or involvement in the plan. But Gaijin doesn’t understand public relations, or just doesn’t give a toss, since in 2018 the next scandal popped up with an official content partner referring to players as puny beggars, hoping that they drown in their own bile.

In today’s scandal, Gaijin has been accused of kissing up to the People’s Republic with the outright removal of Taiwan Republic of China flags from the China tech tree in the game War Thunder. The move has been painted by members of the community as an attempt to “suck the toes” (in a manner of speaking) of the Chinese government and is related to recent heightened tensions surrounding the One China policy, by which China does not recognize Taiwan as independent.

So far there has been no comment from Gaijin. The megathread on Reddit has gathered over 500 comments and 4.7k upvotes. This comes two years after Gaijin was accused of cutting story content to appease the Chinese government, involving the Japanese invasion of China in 1939.

Source: Reddit

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