Old School RuneScape Gets New School Skill


Old School RuneScape isn’t simply about allowing disgruntled players to relive the golden days of the past, since its introduction earlier this year the offshoot has gone in a rather separate direction from its New School counterpart. Thanks to a content system where updates are suggested and then voted on by the community, with nothing making its way in unless the majority say yes, Old School RuneScape has seen a few content updates from past its time, like optional hud improvements and even the god wars dungeon and godswords. The players even managed to vote in content that never existed back in the day, like new items and interfaces and even a new skill.

Designed by a member of the community and voted on by players, the Artisan skill is a bit like a craftsman’s take on slayer, where a slayer master gives assignments to kill certain creatures. In Artisan, an artisan master gives assignments to craft specific items in return for experience, the benefit being that you level in any related skills simultaneously. Players will be able to craft creature idols which, when burned, offer combat boosts. Players will also be able to learn how to craft special items that boost other skills, like cooking better quality food or new clothing.

You can check it all out at the dev blog below.

(Source: Old School RuneScape)

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