Only 50 Teams Completed Coil of Bahamut


Naoki Yoshida took some time out of the day to publish a new Letter from the Producer, discussing the upcoming fan festival in Tokyo, Japan, and last month’s implementation of patch 2.4. Released on October 28th, patch 2.4 introduced the Coil of Bahamut, finally bringing its related storyline to a conclusion. Less than a week later, on November 2nd, the first team successfully defeated Bahamut. Defeating Bahamut has proven to be a difficult task, however, as only fifty teams across all servers can say that they’ve succeeded.

While there’s more to FFXIV than just end-game raiding, to those players who practice vigorously every day, aspiring to be the world’s top players?as a gamer you have my utmost respect. I know how painstaking such an undertaking can be, and I thank you for taking such great interest in these challenging encounters. For those of you still making your way through, or preparing to step foot into the Final Coil?only about 50 teams have cleared the entirety of the Final Coil across all servers, so there’s no need to rush.

Final Fantasy’s fan festival in Tokyo will show off yet another glimpse at the MMO’s first expansion, Heavansward.

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