MindArk Talks: Entropia Universe 16th Anniversary

Those of you who keep tabs on the industry will remember that Entropia Universe turns 16 this year, meaning that not only can the game now drive in most states, but it retains its discount card along with the other long-lasting MMOs. As it goes, I had to know what their secret was. Thankfully MindArk was … Continue reading “MindArk Talks: Entropia Universe 16th Anniversary”

Dark Eclipse Launches New Heroes, Free Player Bonuses

Playstation VR’s first MOBA Dark Eclipse has launched a massive content update featuring three new characters and four winter skins. In addition to these updates, Dark Eclipse has also received additional tutorials to get players better acquainted with the controls and strategic elements. Owen – A Leader that can channel his Energy Boost ability to … Continue reading “Dark Eclipse Launches New Heroes, Free Player Bonuses”

Dark Eclipse Release V2.0, Official Ranked Mode

Dark Eclipse has been given a major boost this week in the form of version 2.0. The first ever MOBA for Playstation VR just became more competitive as the update introduces ranked mode with a global leaderboard and three new playable characters. “Our passionate community already knows there’s still nothing else quite like DARK ECLIPSE in VR … Continue reading “Dark Eclipse Release V2.0, Official Ranked Mode”

Dark Eclipse Launches On PS4: First VR Moba Game

Dark Eclipse, the first PS VR MOBA title, launches today in North America and Europe from SUNSOFT as a free download on the Playstation store. Developer is looking to shake up the genre by pitting two players against one another in head-to-head matches, each player controlling a team of three leaders, each with unique skills … Continue reading “Dark Eclipse Launches On PS4: First VR Moba Game”

PSVR MOBA Dark Eclipse Launches Sept 25

Dark Eclipse, the first ever MOBA for Playstation VR, has been announced to launch on the platform on September 25. The title comes to us from Japanese developer SUNSOFT, and is a one-on-one battle where players pick a team of three leaders and supporting soldiers. “With 40-years in the business, we’ve seen many gaming trends … Continue reading “PSVR MOBA Dark Eclipse Launches Sept 25”

Darkfall Returns: Rise of Agon Is Live

Darkfall is back! Rise of Agon, a revival of the original Darkfall MMORPG, has officially launched. Darkfall originally launched under now-defunct developer Aventurine in 2009 only to shut down and be revived as Darkfall: Unholy Wars in 2012. Unholy Wars was subsequently shut down alongside Aventurine due to poor economic conditions in Greece. Aventurine, while … Continue reading “Darkfall Returns: Rise of Agon Is Live”

[Video] Darkfall: Rise of Agon Delivers New Video

Darkfall: Rise of Agon has put out a new video detailing changes to the game as it continues through closed beta and heads toward early access. Notable changes include the removal of spell fizzles, frontloading skills, the addition of macros, and more. You can see the a pretty comprehensive view of the changes in the … Continue reading “[Video] Darkfall: Rise of Agon Delivers New Video”

Big Picture Games Boosts Progression For Darkfall: Rise of Agon

If Darkfall is known for one thing, it may be the arduous grind that players are required to slog through in order to hit high levels, but that may be a thing of the past with the latest game update. In a set of patch notes released yesterday, Big Picture Games has announced that players … Continue reading “Big Picture Games Boosts Progression For Darkfall: Rise of Agon”

Darkfall: Rise of Agon Offers Free Game Time

Darkfall: Unholy Wars is still dead, however while Aventurine was forced to shut down, but two companies have licensed the game and are looking to create their own reimagining of the original (and some would argue better) original Darkfall release. Rise of Agon is one of those two titles, and the folks at Big Picture … Continue reading “Darkfall: Rise of Agon Offers Free Game Time”