Review: Path of Exile

Path of Exile is quite possibly the most difficult game by far that I have reviewed here at MMO Fallout. Up until now, I could probably review most ARPGs with a single paragraph since fans of the genre already know whether or not they’re going to play it. There isn’t much story, you travel through … Continue reading “Review: Path of Exile”

Marvel Heroes Adds Its First Playable Villain

  Marvel Heroes is poised to add its first playable villain in an upcoming update set to launch alongside the release of Thor: The Dark World. Yes, the next playable character will be Loki himself, god of mischief. Loki’s default outfit will be straight from the film, and his power set is based around illusion, … Continue reading “Marvel Heroes Adds Its First Playable Villain”

From The Archives: Can We Stop Talking About Lawsuits?

(Editor’s Note: This article was originally written in 2010 and subsequently shelved into the MMO Fallout archives. I don’t remember exactly why I cancelled it, but it is likely because I wasn’t sure if the nonspecific publisher that I mention threatening to sue me was serious, but I wasn’t going to find out by poking … Continue reading “From The Archives: Can We Stop Talking About Lawsuits?”

FFXIV Impressions: Stop Teasing Me, Square, Let Me In

Square Enix is a company that I desperately want to love, because they did what no other developer would do and came through on their promise to improve a failed MMO from the ground up. Apart from Darkfall and maybe one or two other titles, this doesn’t happen. You have companies like NCSoft who would … Continue reading “FFXIV Impressions: Stop Teasing Me, Square, Let Me In”

Blizzard Trademarks Likely World of Warcraft Addition

MMO Champion is reporting that Blizzard has put a trademark down on “The Down Below,” speculating that it may be an expansion to either World of Warcraft or Diablo III. Although nothing is known other than the name of the trademark, and the fact that it refers to computer game software, players have already begun … Continue reading “Blizzard Trademarks Likely World of Warcraft Addition”

MMOments: League of Incredibly Awkward Gentlemen

Today’s MMOments comes from Champions Online and may be the creepiest interactive moment I have ever experienced in an MMO since I stumbled on a GM cybering in Age of Conan. I recently started playing Champions Online again, creating a new character since I’m using the Perfect World account that managed to get a beta … Continue reading “MMOments: League of Incredibly Awkward Gentlemen”

Xbox One Locks Griefers In Personal Hell

Official Xbox Magazine has a new article out detailing new, notably harsher stance on griefing. With the new Xbox One coming out, Microsoft wants to encourage good behavior while putting a damper on players shouting down their mic or sending obscenity-laced messages filled with questions about one’s own sexuality, or the promiscuity of their mother, … Continue reading “Xbox One Locks Griefers In Personal Hell”