Pearl Abyss Announces Three New MMOs

Pearl Abyss today has dropped a surprise ahead of the annual Pearl Abyss Connect event in the form of three new games under development.

  • PLAN 8 is an exosuit MMO shooter.
  • DokeV is a collectible MMORPG for all ages.
  • Crimson Desert is an open-world MMORPG set in an epic-fantasy world.

Pulling no punches, Pearl Abyss announced that PLAN 8 is being spearheaded by Minh Le serving as technical director. You may recognize that name as one of the co-creators of Counter Strike. DokeV has brought on a couple of former directors from Black Desert Online including Sang-young Kim and Suh Won Choi.

All three games will be featured at next week’s Connect event. In the meantime you can sign up at the links above to be notified of the trailers when they go live.

Source: Pearl Abyss press release

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