Perpetuum Online Ends Development, Eyes Private Servers

Perpetuum Online is a name that we haven’t heard around MMO Fallout in quite a while, so long that many of you might have assumed that the game had quietly shut down. It hasn’t, although we have learned that development has come to an end. In a post on the official website, detailed plans have been laid out for the future of Perpetuum Online, a rather niche sci-fi MMO. In the post, Avatar Creations announced that while Perpetuum had two major population spikes, the number of players never really remained sustainable to maintain proper development.

While development on the game is ending, that doesn’t mean that Perpetuum will be gone for good. The official server will remain online for an unknown amount of time, and a standalone server client is being created so that players will be able to continue on their own servers. The client is apparently small enough and requires little resources, meaning you could boot it up alongside the game and play on your own server if you want.

As expected, premium currency and DLC are going away, and the game will only be available on Steam:

A bigger change that some of you probably won’t like is that soon Steam will be the only place where Perpetuum will be distributed, including the standalone server. The reason for this is to ensure the availability of the game on a stable platform, as opposed to our own website that we cannot guarantee to be around forever. Another reason is that it’s uneconomical for us to keep our own payment platform, as purchases made via Steam outweigh our own store by far.

You can find the entire announcement at the link below.

(Source: Perpetuum Online)

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