Play Crowfall To Destroy, Not Create


If you hadn’t heard, Crowfall is set to be developed using the Voxel Farm engine, the same technology powering Everquest Next and Landmark’s destructible terrain. The benefit of this tech is that it allows for procedural generation and for the world to be destructible on a very detailed level.

Blast holes in walls. Collapse towers on your opponent. Dig a tunnel beneath a castle wall, so that you can dig your way up into the courtyard and siege from within.

While the technology will be available in all worlds, it will really shine in the Campaign worlds where players can literally bring down civilization. After all, it’s going to be destroyed anyway.

On the creation side, if you’re into that sort of thing, the voxel tech allows cities to be built with great detail, from castles to shops, and allows for them to grow organically. Everything in the game can be procedurally generated using complicated algorithms.

Check out more details at the link below. Crowfall is set to launch as a buy to play game with an optional subscription.

(Source: Crowfall)

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