Pre-Order FFXIV: Stormblood Today

Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion is nearly among us, so long as you don’t count June 20th as too far in the future, but you can make that time go by faster by pre-ordering your copy on PC or Playstation 4. In fact, pre-ordering will make it come faster, since Square Enix is offering a few days of early access as an incentive. Also coming with your pre-order is a pair of earrings and a wind-up red mage minion.

For $200, the collector’s edition will grace you with a rather hefty Zenos yae Galvus Figure, a cloth map of Eorzea, Stormblood art book, and three in-game items. It’s worth mentioning that all of the items in the collector’s edition are real, physical goods (except for the in-game items). You can check out the figurine at the Square Enix store. The store does note that for the PC version, Steam users must purchase the expansion through Steam, otherwise it will not work on their account. There is no Playstation 3 version as that version is sunsetting.

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