Pre-Purchase Defiance On Steam, Get More Rewards


Recently, Valve has been partnering up with publishers to add extra incentives to pre-purchasing through Steam. The idea is pretty simple: The more people pre-purchase, the better rewards everyone will receive. For instance, if enough people order Bioshock Infinite before it launches, everyone will receive a free copy of XCOM, Bioshock, as well as a few Team Fortress 2 items. With its launch on the horizon, April 2nd to be exact, Trion Worlds has partnered with Valve to offer just such a promotion.

Unfortunately there is no indication as to exactly how many people need to order a copy per tier. The base purchase of $59.99 will net you a beta invite, xp boost, an outlander outfit, a Steam-exclusive sniper, and an exclusive title. At tier 1 players will receive another exclusive title (Steam Powered), +5 inventory slots, and an exclusive ATV mount. At tier 2 players will receive a free copy of Rift. At tier 3, players will receive a lock box, +5 inventory slots, a 7 day xp boost, a discount on the season pass, and an exclusive vehicle.

Higher tiers include the lower tier rewards. The Defiance season pass includes five packs of DLC that Trion will roll out in the year or so following Defiance’s launch.

(Source: Steam)

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