Project Gorgon Imitates Star Citizen: $500 Mostly Unusable Game Package

Project Gorgon is bringing home the news today with the grand opening of its real money shop. At the top of the shop is a $500 USD “Horse Lord Package” that includes a free horse mount with basic riding skill, saddlebags for storage, a second free horse for breeding through the game’s husbandry skill, five years VIP, a player house, the ability to create 20 snack cakes per week, a custom in-game title, and a staff of leadership.

Now $500 may seem worth it just for the 20 snack cakes, but the intrepid players might be thinking; “but Omali, there isn’t a riding skill or husbandry in the game! You’re insane!” I am, but you haven’t misread anything. Neither riding or animal husbandry are currently in the game.

Notice:  Some features, including Riding and Animal Husbandry, are not yet implemented at this time. Your account will receive these benefits when the features become available. In addition, your VIP membership will not start until VIP benefits are available.  Stay tuned to for specific announcements.

If you’re too cheap to go for the $500 package, there are cheaper $50 and $75 packages that include the horse mount and VIP membership.

Source: Project Gorgon Shop

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