PSA: Grab Too Human On Xbox (Free) Before It Goes Away

Too Human broke real ground after its launch in 2008, and not because of anything in the game play itself. Along with several other Silicon Knights products, it stands as one of the only titles in the industry to have a judge order all stock be recalled and destroyed. Way back in the year of 2007, developer Silicon Knights headed by President Denis Dyack filed a lawsuit against Epic Games over contract disputes, mostly alleging inadequate support and missing deadlines with the Unreal Engine. Sometime during the trial information came forward that Silicon Knights had filed the lawsuit while simultaneously stealing the Unreal Engine source code to build their own platform. Thousands and thousands of lines with typos and developer commentary were stolen, with Epic’s copyrights ripped out, and claimed as Silicon Knights creation.

Thanks to the company’s criminal behavior Silicon Knights lost their lawsuit, lost a countersuit by Epic, and was forced to pay millions in damages and recall all copies of the games developed using the Unreal Engine code and the company went bankrupt and shut down shortly after. Founder Denis Dyack has gone on to form new developers in the time since, however has had no luck in crowdfunding at least partially due to the controversy surrounding his name.

Coming as quite a surprise and after six years of the game being unavailable for purchase on digital stores, Microsoft re-released Too Human and has made the game backwards compatible and available for free on the Xbox Store. You’ll want to activate the game to your account sooner rather than later, as the game won’t be around long. For a week, you can pick up the game plus the pre-order armor pack, as well as two themes if you are still going to play this on your 360.

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