PSA: Paragon Starter Pack Free For PS+ Members


Paragon is a fantastic MOBA, and I say this as someone who otherwise personally finds no love for the genre, but the launch has been a topic of confusion for gamers. While Paragon hasn’t technically launched yet, boxed copies of the game have been in stores for the past couple of months at the cost of $50, without really pointing out that the game is in early access.

Gamers with Playstation Plus can pick up the starter pack for Paragon for free this month. The pack includes instant access, master challenges for three heroes, and a reputation boost for three wins. Master challenges are normally available for a purchase price and offer various rewards for leveling up a character, including master challenger skins. All heroes are unlocked from the start.

Paragon is available in early access on PS4 and PC and supports cross-play between the two systems as well as keyboard and mouse support on console.

(Source: Playstation)

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