Quality Control: Valve Approves Obvious Attack on Titan Ripoff

Quality control: On Steam, it is virtually non-existent where Valve has a $100 interest in every game submitted. Between fraudware, malware, rape games, publishers heading over to Epic, and secret bitcoin miners being uploaded to the platform, Valve has had quite the PR nightmare on its hands. That being said, it’s been a while since Valve has had a genuinely embarrassing misstep.

Until today.

Twitter user Lekon brought attention to an Attack on Titan unlicensed game being approved by Valve titled none other than Attack on Titan The Game. The title is available in early access for $5 and appears to be a low quality endless runner hastily cobbled together and tossed on Steam.

Koei Tecmo America has provided an official response that the game was not approved to use the Attack on Titan property and that their legal team has already been notified. While this is hardly the most controversial thing to happen on Steam, it is another reminder on how little effort Valve puts to prevent the same troll/illegal games it promised to keep off the store.

Source: Twitter 

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