RaiderZ Is Coming Back: Masangsoft Takes Over Development

It’s been a long time since we talked about RaiderZ, the titular MMO that despite being shut down in Europe way back in 2013 managed to survive another two years until developer MAIET Entertainment also went bankrupt, forcing Perfect World Entertainment to stop publishing as certain critical bugs could not be fixed. Well, two years later and the game just refuses to stay dead. Over at the RaiderZ Facebook page, a new challenger has arisen to bring RaiderZ back to life.

Masangsoft’s announcement acknowledges that RaiderZ is a bit old by MMO standards and needs to be fixed up before it can relaunch. The developer doesn’t have much in the way of timetables, but has asked that we sit tight while they get to work and that more news should be coming soon.

We can’t say how much more time we need to reinvent this game. What’s certain is that we’ll try to provide better and better experiences for many people who look forward to this game. Sooner or later, you’ll hear another news about the beginning of our development.

For a good read, checkout MMO Fallout’s 2013 interview with Perfect World senior product manager Mark Hill.

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