RaiderZ Shutting Down In Korea

Raiderz 2012-11-11 10-45-07-01

It feels like just a month ago that were were discussing RaiderZ shutting down in Europe. Because it was. Just under a month, actually, since Gameforge announced that RaiderZ would be shutting down. Further to the east, Neowiz has announced rather unexpectedly that RaiderZ will also be shutting down its services in Korea. The servers will remain online until September 24th, when they will go offline for the final time. The company has revealed that there will be some form of reimbursement.

As MMO Culture points out, and I said in our review of RaiderZ, the game is something of a poor man’s TERA. With TERA going free to play, the odds are likely that the game just isn’t holding up in the market. The good news is that the game continues to run in North America under Perfect World Entertainment.

(Source: MMO Culture)

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