RuneMetrics: What You Need To Know


Last month marked the announcement of RuneMetrics, an upcoming stat-tracking tool for RuneScape developed by Jagex. At the time, all we knew is that the tracker would allow players to see certain statistics like experience per hour and logged drops, and that there would be a free and a paid version.

There’s advanced XP tracking including an ETA to your next level up. There is also an amazing drop log that tracks everything you’ve gained through combat, as well as damage calculators giving you your total damage EVER and your average damage per minute, and plenty more on top!

In a developer Q&A posted today, the team answered a number of questions regarding how RuneMetrics will work and why it costs money. You can find the entire 20 minute video below but for brevity we have posted the highlights below.

Check out below for the full Q&A as well as some screenshots from the livestream.

  • There is an in-game tracker and a website tracker.
  • The in-game tracker follows xp per hour, time to next level, exp gained.
  • Real time graphs follow the past few minutes.
  • The web application goes further back in time and will replace the Adventurer’s Log.
  • Everything that is available in the Adventurer’s log will be free in RuneMetrics.
  • Everything is tracked and can be viewed (kills, drops, worlds changed, deaths, etc).
  • The feature will not “cheat” for you (ie: clue scroll answers, farming patch status, etc).
  • The free version covers counting based functions while RuneMetrics Pro (paid) will be required for calculation-based functions.
  • RuneMetrics requires a subscription due to the immense storage and maintenance costs.
  • There are no plans for a permanent buy.
  • If your subscription lapses, after a while the data will be deleted.
  • Premiere Club members get two weeks free plus half off on the cost.

The web portion will look similar to how it is below. The top portion is available for free with the bottom half requiring a monthly subscription.




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