RuneScape Launches Death of Chivalry


With the launch of RuneScape 3, Jagex has thrown the world of Gielinor into turmoil. The Gods are returning and they all want a piece of the dead god Guthix’s power. Today’s update introduces the quest Death of Chivalry, the first quest to be fully set in the new evolving story. Players will team up with the White Knights under orders from the god Saradomin himself to infiltrate the Black Knight’s headquarters and uncover a mysterious artefact to aid in the ongoing battle between the multiple gods and their followers.

According to a press release sent out by Jagex, players will need to be careful in the decisions made during the quest as their impact will be felt “far and wide.” The quest will be available for everyone, including non-subscribers, and while it is designed for players of all levels, those with higher combat skills will be happy to know that the quest scales its difficulty to the player. Death of Chivalry goes live later today.

(Source: Jagex Press Release)

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