RuneScape Overhauls Mining & Smithing For Its 18th Birthday

In celebration of its eighteenth birthday, Jagex has overhauled two of its oldest skills this week as mining and smithing are updated to be more in line with the last decade of updates. Both skills have been optimized and made more user-friendly and useful with powerful new masterwork armors being made available.

David Osborne, lead designer, stated:

“Reaching our 18th anniversary is an incredible milestone and it’s apt two of the original skills that launched way back in 2001 have been given a new lease of life. The Mining & Smithing update has been a thoroughly collaborative effort with the community, with polls and beta tests providing invaluable input as we fine-tuned and polished the new mechanics and armour.”

An overhaul to mining and smithing has been voted among the most requested RuneScape updates for the past few years. More details on the update can be found at the main RuneScape website.

Source: RuneScape

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