RuneScape Well of Goodwill Closes


RuneScape’s Well of Goodwill has become a regular force in the fantasy MMO, opening every so often and allowing players to donate their coins, items, and bonds to notable charities. For every ten million gold donated to the well, Jagex donates $2 to the charity flavor of the month with $4.70 for each bond donated. Previous fundraising drives have offered aid to Hart, SpecialEffect, GamesAid, The Internet Watch Foundation, among other charities.

The latest charity run, which saw the Well of Goodwill open for the month of November, has ended and the results are in. More than 70,000 players donated in excess of 512 billion gold worth of coins, items, and bonds to raise a total of $160,158 for charity. The donations will be split to AbleGamersDonategames, and Youngminds.

Over the course of December, players can donate bonds to Oxfam in return for presents.

(Source: RuneScape)

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