Save City of Heroes Reaches Out To Disney

City of Heroes shuts down in two days from the time of this writing. Despite the astounding campaign from the City of Heroes community, which gained the support of celebrities including Neil Gaiman, Mercedes Lackey, and John C. Wright among others, NCSoft stands by their earlier statement that all attempts at selling the IP were unsuccessful. In their continuing efforts, the Save City of Heroes campaign delivered a package to Disney HQ, filled with information about City of Heroes, the campaign, and explaining why Disney should add the title to their ever growing portfolio. The information was written by NY Times Best Selling Author Mercedes Lackey along with several others, who wrote:

“We believe that acquiring City of Heroes will provide Disney Interactive with the logical extension of their games for kids and teens, offering a game that literally the whole family can play.”

Will Disney step up and rescue City of Heroes? That will need to be seen.

(Source: Press Release)

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8 Responses to “Save City of Heroes Reaches Out To Disney”

  1. Quinch says:

    Hey there. I’d just like to thank you for covering the news – we all know that, even with all the information we crammed into the proposal we sent to Disney, it’s still a million-to-one chance… but still better than none.

  2. Ammon says:

    Thanks so much for covering this story. It has importance to the whole gaming industry, certainly if we win, because it lets the companies know that how they treat loyal customers is important. Can they close a product that is profitable and successful without even a decent explanation? Sure they can. But we can make sure they know it isn’t wise, and that we expect far better customer service than that.

    Whose hands will the power be in? The corporations who own the games? Or the customers without whom there is no business to be a corporation in?

    You, dear readers and gamers, you decide.

  3. Ammon says:

    Oh, I should just add, this is not the last ditch attempt. This is simply the last one we’ll make before the servers turn off. But it is really like Churchill said: “This is not the end. Nor is it the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

    Disney is our dream hope … the new owner we think could do the absolute best with the game, but to persuade them will take a lot. So we’ve made them our top priority. The fight doesn’t end until we win it, or until there is noone left to wage it. 🙂

  4. Thank you for covering this. You know, we are not the only fangroup to try to resurrect our passion — merely, perhaps, the most audacious. But remember the successes, long after people declared the franchise was dead. BRowncoats. Trekkies. Galacticans. Stargaters. And that most British and most-resurrected franchise of all — Dr. Who. Speaking of which, if you see a reflection of yourself in our cause, please do not hesitate to write letters to Disney, explaining why, long after the nay-sayers declared something dead, it rose from the ashes. Please, we can use your help.

  5. Thomas Hughes says:

    Thanks for covering this campaign. We really love our City and would love to continue playing there for many years to come.

  6. Jason "Nero" says:

    I think Mickey and Minnie would look good in capes! #SaveCoH 🙂

  7. daisy mayhem says:

    Thanks for the article. Come on Disney save our City!

  8. Quantum 0 says:

    Thank you for the article. I’m impatiently waiting to subscribe to City of Heroes once it’s picked up by Disney or another company!

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