Screenshots: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5

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Final Fantasy XIV is set to launch patch 3.5, The Far Edge of Fate, and Square Enix is sharing a ton of new content screenshots. Seriously, the few that I have curated are just a sample of the massive amount of media that Square has released. Topping the list of new content is Dun Scaith, a 24 player alliance raid requiring level 60 in any disciple of war or magic, as well as an unknown item requirement and completion of the Freedom of our Skies quest. A major update to the party finder will allow players to group up with players on any world on the same datacenter, it will be possible to change the color of your egi, and you will go head to head with the final pillar of the Triad, Zurvan the Demon (req level 60, eight players, and completing Balance unto All.).

If you head over to the Final Fantasy website, you can read numerous previews of patch 3.5, coming later this month.

(Source: Square Enix Press Release)

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