Shroud of the Avatar Teams Up With Underworld Ascendant

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Underworld Ascendant is the spiritual sequel to Ultima Underworld, the 1992 first person rpg that spearheaded many of the game mechanics we now take for granted. Since Shroud of the Avatar is cut from the same cloth, it was only a matter of time before Lord British announced his support for the game.

Backers of both games will be able to get their hands on the Dark Elven Kinsman Bucker.

This buckler, inscribed with the Dark Elven symbol, has a moonstone gem inset. If a player owns the buckler in both Shroud of the Avatar and Underworld Ascendant, then the moonstone will glow with the warmth of kinship. This signifies that the Dark Elven clans, though sundered between distant worlds, still are one.

The buckler is currently available as a $5 add-on in the Shroud of the Avatar store, where it will be added into the game around release 16. The buckler will also be available as an add-on for Underworld Ascendant supporters.

(Source: Shroud of the Avatar)


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