Silvy Talks: On The Quality Of Ewin Gaming Chairs

Filling in time.

About two months ago I agreed to conduct an interview with a developer who shall go unnamed. Generally I don’t agree to interviews with this developer because they have reached out several times in the past and every time I actually respond and take the effort to build my list of questions they blow me off. Keep in mind they reach out to me and then decide that I’m the one apparently wasting their time.

After two months of the cold shoulder on an interview that should have coincided with a content drop which would now be completely irrelevant and pointless, I decided to fill the interview slot with someone closer by. The cat, aka Silvy, aka MMO Fallout Human Resources department.

She’s got a cute face.

Now I’ve posted several times on Twitter about how as much as I love my Ewin Gaming chair, nobody loves it quite as much as Silvy from HR. She has elbow dropped my door open at 4 in the morning just to ensure she gets a seat on the comfort train. If I stand up to refill my coffee she will sprint from the other side of the house just to take my seat.

Note the vigorous wag of the tail. That is the face of a cat enjoying good lumbar support.

So I interviewed my cat about the qualities of the Ewin Racing chair, and while she didn’t have much to say outside of a rather squeaky yawn and shifting around to better look out the window at the birds, I didn’t need words to get the message; “Go find something else to do because you’re not getting this chair back.” I swear this cat is going to inspire me to set up a standing desk.

Anyhow I’m going to let my interview subject get back to her snoozin. She needs to get her rest if she’s going to head out to the living room later on and have a nap on top of the couch in the sunlight.