SMITE Ultimate God Pack Giveaway And 400 Gems

<b>Entrance is over. The winners shall be revealed in the morning.</b>

Through the power of the internet, I am very happy to present a luck two of you with some great prizes. SMITE is currently in closed beta, and you can grab a closed beta key from our free stuff page here [keys are out] (as well as a copy of DOTA2). SMITE is a DOTA style game set in a battle between gods from Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Norse, and Roman mythology. While the game will be free to play upon release, here is a chance to get your hands on some pricey packs, absolutely free.

MMO Fallout is giving away two packs for SMITE.

  1. Ultimate God Pack ($29.99 USD value)
  2. 400 Gem Pack ($7.99 USD value)

The god pack unlocks 30 total gods, including the 25 current gods and 5 more that will come before release. If you win this pack, they will automatically be activated as they are released. The 400 gem pack contains just that, 400 gems. The rules to enter are simple:

  • Leave a comment with a valid email address and tell us which deity you most look forward to playing as.
  • Leave only one comment.
  • That’s it. Really.

The winner will be chosen on Friday November 16th and the winners will be notified via email. Thanks to the brand new MMO Fallout Super Star Comment System (trademark pending), this should go much better than our previous giveaways. Your comments should be approved immediately by the system. Good luck to everyone, and I will see two of you on Friday.

Remember to follow MMO Fallout here on the website and on Twitter for future giveaways.

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20 Responses to “SMITE Ultimate God Pack Giveaway And 400 Gems”

  1. Jake Kibler says:

    I’m looking forward to using Agni. Blasting people and exploding everything. It’d be fun to use a magic based god.

  2. Vorgier says:

    I’ve been saving up to get Loki. Love assassin type characters with a stealthy play style.

  3. Jake Saltzman says:

    Cool thing that you’re doing here. Looking forward to Friday!

  4. KingJoke says:

    I think Guan Yu is a very handsome god.His ult so powerful.

  5. Serv says:

    kung fu action jesus! fighting the bad guys and making them pay with magic kung fu he’ll save the day

  6. Crawx says:

    I’d play with Anhur, blasting people with sand-spears 🙂

  7. Ansh says:

    I have not played with tanks much and look froward to playing with Hades

  8. Gloomshade says:

    i would really like getting the pack . i really like this game 😀

  9. tor hill says:

    im looking forward to trying out sun-wukong to see if he is anything like my LOL main wukong.

  10. Blerg says:

    I really would enjoy playing Cupid. Love for everyone, especially for you next friday ! 😀

  11. SolusN says:

    Really look forward to playing Bacchus, The God of Wine.
    He will be awesome!!

  12. Iraal says:

    I’d like to see/play Skadi, because before she even obtained the level of goddess she travelled to Asgard to do battle with the Gods and intimidated them! Much bad-assery!

  13. Zerebro says:

    im really looking forward too playing ares and loki i really LOVE the style loki has and cant wait too get theyre whole team too “Flame” over the ares ult 😀 so i really hope you let me win so i can go “pwn” as loki and get penta and dissapearing out of thin air 😉

  14. turtleshark says:

    this game is amazing. a god pack will only enhance its awsomeness

  15. Den Bal says:

    Ultimate god pack please

  16. LioNz Cookster says:

    Ultimate god pack please

  17. faken says:

    Ultimate god pack please

  18. Ray Quest says:

    Ultimate god pack please
    i am looking fwd to thanos, thor

  19. Maximus says:

    Ultimate god pack please
    I am waiting to play as hercules, his kit is so awesome

  20. spaceninja says:

    My email is .
    I would love to play with zeus.

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