Some MMO Kickstarter Projects You Should Fund

Kickstarter and independent developers are starting to become great friends, so it is no surprise that indie MMO teams have come forward to get some startup cash without as much reliance on investors or publishers. I have two currently running funds for MMOs to advertise to you, and will let them speak for themselves, but since this a rather touchy subject, let me explain some details of Kickstarter to you:

  1. You are making a pledge. If the Kickstarter does not reach its goal by the due date, no money will exchange hands.
  2. A successful kickstarter does not guarantee that the product will see release. Remember: You are playing investor. Spend your money wisely.

1. Squad Wars

Space Combat the way it was meant to be: Fast, uncompromising, and totally intense. Jumpgate Evolution might be dead and buried, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a spiritual sequel to the series. In development by the creative forces behind Jumpgate, Squad Wars is an MMOG based on scripted scenarios with fast paced dogfights, giant space fights, and massive capital ships.

END Games is offering some pretty nice perks for pledging, from beta access to in-game credit, xp boosts to badges to your own vote in which scenarios are built first.

Check it out. The Squad Wars pledge ends May 19th.

2. Storybricks, The MMO Storytelling Toolset

Personally I am looking forward to Storybricks more than most other AAA titles, for the simple factor of the story telling. Storybricks allows players to create their own worlds in a fashion you may be aware of in tools like RPG maker. Using visual editors, players are able to create NPCs that interact with one another, the world, and the player, in order to tell vast, amazing tales.

Storybricks is being supported by Brian Green, who some (some) of you may remember from the great grandaddy of graphical MMOs, Meridian 59. I personally backed up Storybricks with a $45 donation.

Check it out, the Kickstarter ends on June 1st.

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