Square Enix Releases 9-Month Finance Report


Square Enix today has released their nine month period report ending December 31, 2014, and the news is good. Compared to the report from the same time last year, figures have increased across the board in substantial numbers. Operating income has shown an 89.6% boost to $126.02 million, net sales up 16% to $1.01 billion, net income up 110.8% to $92.8 million, and ordinary income up 65.6% to $140.73 million.

In their filing, Square Enix pointed toward the success of mobile and PC browser platforms for its success, titles like Sengoku IXA, Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light, and Final Fantasy Record Keeper. MMORPGs such as Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X were also noted for “making favorable progress.”

Also contributing to Square Enix’s success is the continued growth of comics and merchandise licensing, while the arcade sector has maintained itself despite decreased sales through efficient store management. Overall, Square Enix projects the end of year sales to hover around last year’s figures.

(Source: Square Enix)

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