Star Citizen Raises Lods of Emone


I don’t think anyone could have imagined just how successful Star Citizen’s funding drive would be. In the year since Cloud Imperium Games opened their doors and invited in a mass of crowdsourced investment, the fledgling space MMO has raised nearly twenty two million dollars, and stands to blow through every single one of the developer’s stretch goals. Thanks to the community, a whole host of new content has been made possible including a variety of new ships, new missions, extra detail in ships and hangers, new star systems, mod tools, simulations, HUD options, professional motion capture, a full orchestral score, territory control, first person combat on planets, salvaging, with facial capture and yet another ship on the way as additional rewards.

Rumor has it that the $25 million stretch goal is building MMO Fallout a new website. No? It was worth a shot.

(Source: Star Citizen)

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