Star Trek Online Season 13.5: Escape From Prison

Star Trek Online is launching its mid-season update to season 13. Live today and coming soon to PS4 and Xbox, Escalation reunites players with General Rodek (voiced by Tony Todd) who joins our heroes as they enact a search and rescue mission for none other than the Klingon General Martok (voiced by J.G. Hertzler who played Martok on Deep Space Nine). The Federation is once again going to have to team up with the Klingon if they want to fend off the Tzenkethi who have been drawn to the general.

The mid-season update to Season 13 – Escalation sends players on a rescue mission for the captured Klingon General Martok, played by J.G. Hertzler from Star Trek: Deep Space NineSeason 13.5 also introduces a new Ferengi Trade Alliance Admiralty and the Endeavor System, which provides challenges players can complete throughout the week for bonus rewards.

  • New Featured Episode – Players will team up with the Klingons to free legendary General Martok from a secret prison in the episode, “Brushfire.”
  • The Endeavor System – Level 60 captains can earn rewards throughout each week by completing challenges with the new Endeavor System.
  • Ferengi Trade Alliance Admiralty – The game’s Admiralty System has been updated to include a new campaign helping captains acquire trades and goods with the aid of the Ferengi Trade Alliance. This new feature is available to all captains Level 52 and above.
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