Star Vault Partners With Sky eSports in India

Star Vault AB today announced that it is partnering with Sky eSports to license Mortal Royale in the Indian market. The license will run for 48 months with Star Vault taking 30% of net revenues accrued within the country. Mortal Royale is the battle royale spinoff to Star Vault’s open world MMO Mortal Online.

“We are very pleased to partner with Sky eSports. Star Vault has never licensed the publishing rights to a successful collaboration to adapt the Mortal Royale to an eSport-interested audience can result in double milestones for Star Vault as a company. I also see great opportunities to find rewarding partnerships with other eSport-organizers in other parts of the world when we have a little longer, “says Henrik Nystrom, CEO of Star Vault.

Skytou Solutions Private Limited (Sky eSports) is an Indian company established in 2015 whose major business appears to be in building casino hardware/software, along with casual games. Skytou boasts an annual turnover of between one to two crore ($140-$280 thousand USD). Skytou employs approximately 11-25 people.

Source: Release (In Swedish)

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